The Korean festival started in 2005 by the Korean Community Presbyterian Church to help charity organizations.  Most importantly, all of the proceeds from the festival are donated to local charities working in and around Columbia, SC.  The Korean Festival donated proceeds in the past to Oliver Gospel Mission, Harvest Hope Food Bank, Sistercare, Boys Farm, Clean of Heart and Columbia Family Shelter to name a few.


who does the festival support?

about us

The Korean Festival is one of the fastest growing festival in the Columbia community.  The event attracted 4,000+ festival attendees last year more than doubling compare to 2012.  The Korean Festival is a fun family oriented event with special attractions, musical acts and some of the most delicious Korean cuisine Columbia has to offer.

The Korean Festival celebrates the Korean community's rich heritage, culture and traditions.  The purpose of the Korean Festival is to share, promote and raise the awareness of the beauty and diversity of Korean culture.  The festival showcases a wide range of performances from traditional Korean dances to ever so popular K-pop music.  Additionally, all of the proceeds from the festival are donated to local charities!