2016 Korean Festival Official Sponsors

2016 Korean Festival Major Sponsors

Korean Festival Friends

China Hut II: 2401 Millwood Ave., Columbia, SC  29205 Tel (803) 779-6161

Boost Mobile Store by Infinite Communications 1945 Decker Blvd #1, Columbia, SC  29206

​Tel (803) 738-8600

​Asian Grocery Store:  1943 Decker Blvd #A, Columbia, SC  29206, Tel (803) 782-3918

Hyundai Oriental Grocery:  1807 Decker Blvd #1, Columbia, SC  29206, Tel (803) 738-0702
Allstate Insurance: Eric Loebs  6911 N Trenholm Rd #3, Columbia, SC  29206  Tel (803) 782-5445

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